I’m Ashley, a laid-back-West Texas-country-girl-at-heart who embraces the simple things in life.

I’m a wife to my best friend, a mom to two precious littles, a former middle school counselor and now…a photographer! My passion for photography started a long time ago…on my 5th birthday to be exact. I received my very first (very pink) real, live, [Barbie] camera which sparked an intense love for capturing and sharing God’s abundant beauty in this world. I took a couple of photography classes in high school and fell in love with the dark room experience. I considered studying photography in college, but decided I should go with something a little…safer, maybe? Well…seven years of schooling for a not-related-to-picture-taking-at-all bachelor’s AND master’s degree later…here I am pursuing my dream.

I absolutely LOVED my job as a school counselor, but decided to stay home to raise my kids, which afforded me the perfect opportunity to practice my photography skills. I am a lifelong learner and receive just as much joy from learning the art of photography as I do from creating images. Some of my most treasured possessions are photographs– of family members, favorite nature scenes, or of special moments and events that I want to hold on to forever. A good photograph never goes out of style, and allows us all to reflect on the experiences for which we are thankful.

Your moments are important to me. It’s truly an honor to help capture the beauty in your life to be treasured for years to come!


P.S. This is the very first photograph I ever took and actually had developed! (Remember the days of film?) We were in Hayward, WI at my grandpa’s cabin which overlooked Lake Couderay. At 10 years old, I literally stayed up all night to take this picture because I just knew the sunrise would be too breathtaking not to capture! ♥

Thank you to www.briannabrewerphotography.com for taking the picture of my little family

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. -Ecc. 3:11”